Blood Pressure and Insomnia

By keeping the Blood pressure under control Insomnia can be cured Try any two of the Mudras for lowering Blood pressure everyday for 30 minutes The Apana Vayu Mudra is very effective in this regard Avoid drinking coffee too much and never after 5 PM You will find that adequate sleep inturn reduces your Blood Pressures Turn to the right side when sleeping Therfore both conditions can be mitigated together MVGFCA


Believe IT or NOT

It is Lord Vishnu who is the Father GOD and Father Of Jesus/ Lord Shiva By Worshipping Vishnu you get united with Jesus or Shiva Alternatively If Jesus descends Lord Vishnu is the Father and when Vishnu descends Jesus /Shiva becomes the Father They are Aliens who teach Mankind through Kundalini They guide Mankind to be Loving and Compassionate and not to discriminate but no one ever learns The Mantras and Pranayamas are vehicles to reach them and and not dogmas They are life givers and I as a Yogi have been given more than 3 lives in this very birth I swear by them till they call me back MVGFCA