COVID 19? No Not in TN Why?

TN is blessed with the largest Number of Siva Temples and Origin of many Saivite Saints and Bhakthas Hence Spiritually immune The Siva Ganas protect those who are devoted to the Lord Hence TN is full of Positive Vibrations from Kapaleeswara and Madurai Meenakshi Amman Hence TN can be deemed as the Abode of Lord Shiva as compared to other States Worship Siva Chant Mrutunjaya Mantra You will live long Follow vegan diet MVGFCA

To The Corona Virus

Dear Corona Virus Haven’t you had enough we are all determined to fight to the finish All our abstinence Prayers and self control shall eliminate you for ever Think not of us as weak We will rebound with more vigour we under stand that our people die not because of you but because of fear of Death We will combat that fear with gusto and Prayers Think not that we are done We will rise rise like the Phoenix time and again MVGFCA

If you have Cough , Cold or Bronchitis

If you have any one of the above conditions Kindly avoid 1 Cold and refrigerated foods and beverages 1 Have always food served hot 3 Avoid citrus fruits 4 Limit water intake and when thirsty have only hot water5 Avoid Head showers and baths maximum and have them weekly only5 Have vegan or vegetarian food till the bout is over 6 Avoid using ceiling fans during sleep directly impacting the chest7 Always cover the chest area with attire8 Avoid swimming sessions and heavy sweating MVGFCA


Avoid Head Showers during Epidemics

One thing we take for granted is our need for head bath or shower I know many people who take twice or thrice daily head showers or baths and end up with permanent coughs and colds Please limit your head showers totwice or thrice a week atleast during the present CVD outbreak to stem the tide Water logging with in the body is to be avoided at all times Avoid also the swimming pools till the outbtreak is contained MVGFCA

Steps to overcome the CVD

Abstinence to be followed from Sex Alcohol and DrugsThe earlier you start to abstain the lesser the chances of getting the disease Do the spinal mediation and Kriya yoga techniques to become immune Chant any of the Hindu Mantras consistently Avoid eggs meat and fish Please don’t get your body water logged Limit water intake These steps can save millions of lives MVGFCA