$1 Cancer Treatment

Dear All Any one of you or your friends or close relatives diagnosed with Cancer Just contact me with latest photo and send $ 1 to my bank account Contact me through email at mvgfca@ gmail.com It is call distance healing Wherever you are you contact me

GOD HEAD described

GOD Head is not about magic It is about Peace It is about you standing as a witness to your mind to your thoughts Then you will realise that it is the SAME WITNESS everywhere That witness is the Substratum for the entire Creation It is the FORMLESS attribute of GOD NAY IT IS GOD HIMSELF With attributes HE becomes an AVATAR HE Knows GOD becomes GOD himself for whatever ornaments made of gold is also gold It is only a difference in Form MVGFCA

Let Sleep come in Meditation

The Height of Alertness is Sleep If in Meditation You feel sleepy go ahead and sleep That is what your body needs In Mediative Sleep you are with GOD He will lull you to sleep No worries Just enjoy the Sleep You will emerge fresh and most cheerful with angelic Charm Nothing wring with meditative Sleep The Lucky ones only get it Try your Luck MVGFCA

The Rogue Laptop

I am the rogue Laptop I am the Hackers Servant I mimic the bell when my owner sleeps I take photos of his deeds and misdeeds and I splurge in the World Wide Web I am always awake even when the whole world sleeps My Hard disc is as hard as rock and the sleuths just love it Beware of what you enter in me for it can never be erased stored in the deepest of the deep etched in magnetic fields I am your boon also your bane Beware of me Your Rogue computer MVGFCA


A Cure for ED

Diabetic? Hypertensive? Suffering from ED for long? Don’t worry I have a cure Due to all the pills you are taking your body obviously will be dehydrated Take 1 or 2 glasses of water ( Room temperature) every 2-3 hours and keep yourself hydrated See that you don’t overload your body Your ED will disappear in no time Have a great time MVGFCA

Effects of Jupiter in the 8 th house aspecting Venus in the 2 nd House

Venus the Lord of Libra is in his own house in Libra and when aspected by Jupiter in the 8 th house the native gets Athimanusha Yoga Thougj Jupiter is debilitated for Mercury Lagna the Athi Yoga manifests early in life but the native results in only saving himself For no fault of his the rulers will be his enemies and he will not be able to reap any benefit from the Athi Yoga MVGFCA


Peace as Medicine

Invoke Peace in your meditation It will act as medicine for you Just livi in it Experience it naturally Do not force it It will envelope your whole mind and make it whole It will induce deepest sleep Just do it Make Peace your second Nature Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi MVGFCA

The End of Corona

The Corona curve will start flattening and finally recede from 15/08/2020 4 PM IST The Virus is satisfied about the frailty of Humans and assures the World that it will start receding It has had its pound of flesh It will revisit Humanity in the next century First Half Thanks to Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu and the Great Masters Sarvamkrishnarpanamasthu OM MVGFCA