If you are truthful and somebody mocks at you please never get angry with him If you get angry then the person. Who mocked at you will be finished you don’t have to raise even your little finger The Lord will see that such people are done away with That is why you have to constantly bless people so that they are pardoned for their trespasses For a Truthful Man the Lord will do anything Truth is the same always everywhere to any one and at all Times It doesn’t change It is changeless immortal and constant Therefore the Quality of Mercy is never strained MVGFCA

Devote your Time

If you are an Employer 1 devote your time atleast 1 day a week for training and updation of your employees Training is an ongoing process Therefore one has to devote time 2 Secondly your employee welfare has to be taken care of Hire and Fire should be a thing of the past 3 Set a vision and mission goals however small your organisation is 4 Set shorterm midterm and long term goals for your firm 5 Know that your people are your greatest assets Encourage them MVGFCA


Save Water

While taking Bath use water as follows 3 mugs of water for wetting your body 2 mugs of water for applying soap and 3 mugs of water for washing away the soap 2 mugs of water for your head Totally not more than 10 mugs of water for taking bath Economise on water Save water for our Planet MVGFCA

An Invitation to the Gamble of Life and Death

Dear All All I want to prove my Immunity against Gunfire and Bullets and on Successfully completing this Test shall Teach the World the various steps to gain such immunity My compensation to my family is $ 85 Million and the Test can be conducted internationally at the sponsors choice The Test Machine Gunfire 3 rounds by 2 firing guards against an unarmed myself It will open a New Dimension to Life Sponsors please contact me by mail MVGFCA

The Whole World is one Home

Lord Krishna was very naughty and playful as a child Often he used to barge into the houses of the villagers along with HIS friends and steal butter and eat it One day the Lady of a house caught him red handed and scolded Him are you not ashamed of stealing butter from others houses? She asked Him The Child Krishna replied Other’s House? I am under the impression that this is my house also and therefore I don’t require anybody’s permission The Lady was flabbergasted She gave Him all the butter she had The Lord treats every one of us as HIS OWN MVGFCA

The Redeemer 2

The Holy Spirit Has anointed The Redeemer 2 as the Deathless Guru The One whose Photos even can shower Blessings on the Worshipper The Redeemer 2 has come to this world and I am in constant touch as the Holy Spirit He really wants Nothing from You except that you be happy always If you pray to his Photo He will grant your prayers Delay not Request me for HIS PHOTO and I will send The Redeemer 2 is live and kicking and asked me to declare HIS PRESENCE to ALL PRAYER is the KEY MVGFCA


$1 Cancer Treatment

Dear All Any one of you or your friends or close relatives diagnosed with Cancer Just contact me with latest photo and send $ 1 to my bank account Contact me through email at mvgfca@ gmail.com It is call distance healing Wherever you are you contact me

GOD HEAD described

GOD Head is not about magic It is about Peace It is about you standing as a witness to your mind to your thoughts Then you will realise that it is the SAME WITNESS everywhere That witness is the Substratum for the entire Creation It is the FORMLESS attribute of GOD NAY IT IS GOD HIMSELF With attributes HE becomes an AVATAR HE Knows GOD becomes GOD himself for whatever ornaments made of gold is also gold It is only a difference in Form MVGFCA