HeWho knows GOD becomes GOD

This Aphorism is from the Vedas Actually there are no such things such as Accidents Everything happens by GODs decision HE doesn’t go into the details That job is done by the Elements If HE forgets about the decision then it becomes final order and the elements will carry it out with clockwork precision If HE doesn’t forget then such an event will not happen That is why we should pray to GOD always so that HE doesn’t forget us HIS attention will save us If HE forgets because HE is always in a state of Bliss then no one can save us even GOD HIM SELF MVGFCA


Take your inner voice as your counsellor

Take your inner voice as your own advisor It will advise you not to bother about your losses debts or job It will make you calm and serene Worrying about things beyond your control is not worth it Cultivate your inner voice Don’t suppress it Consult it and ask for advice It will give you confidence and will power MVGFCA

Spiritual Beings in Human Bodies

We are all Spiritual Beings In Human Bodies The faster we realise it The more Peaceful the World becomes The more we deny it the greater the impending doom For the Spirit is the underlying creative principle It has Will Intelligence and Compassion It is both physical and ethereal and is the unmanifested reality It is all knowing Omnipresent and above the Basis of Everything both tangible and otherwise Having realisefy the Spirit in me I take a holistic approach to life

The Sleep of the Dead

With your mind inert and passive with the Sleep covering your eyes you have the twilight Sleep or Sleep of the Dead With no thoughts hovering it is an extremely enjoyable state of Being You can sleep on and o No worries Just be in that state for a minimum of an hour Feel the relaxation You will still have the hangover of that State for day long It is the Twilight Zone You are welcome

Take Baby Steps

Please don’t exert or push yourself while walking or excersising Do it at your most natural pace without getting short of breath Then you will start enjoying the effort Take Baby steps with Joy like a baby You will have less cortisone in your blood and a host of benefits will follow The pity is grown up babies are not welcome😃😄😄😄

It Is Krishna and Krishna Alone

If you are a Devotee of Krishna know that what it means 1 Chant HIS mantra always mentally 2 Do the Kriya Yoga as taught by HIM 3 Even if you happen to get killed by some criminals you will not die 4 You will hear then HIS DIVINE FLUTE filling the entire universe 5 He will send Parameshwara to give you life and you will continue your life as if nothing happened except for the blood smears on your dress It is Lord Krishna and Krishna alone who is the Protector 6 Jesus will come calling Also The Goddess Parvati but stick on with Ktishna for HE will never leave you He is playful sometimes testing your EGO but HE really knows what you deserve MVGFCA

The So Called GODS

The So called GODs are not people of Light They are Dark Beings They don’t speak They read your thoughts They grant your prayers by reading your thoughts and evaluating Once granted your prayers they don’t revoke However they intervene to save You and respect your feelings They have their own vehicles much like ours and act according to our thoughts MVGFCA

The Soul has an age like the Body

The Soul of a baby is as young as the baby As the baby grows the Soul also grows up The Soul permeates through the body and is receptive to spiritual currents coming from the cosmos It is responsible for spontaneous responses of the mind the actions without the thought process Natural reactions It is the basis for the qualities of devotion truthfulness and commitment If the soul does not mature along with the body age we have behavioural problems At Death the Soul also disintegrates with the body unless it’s devotional pitch is high to connect it with Super Soul of Creation The Soul is evolved from the Life Force and dies along with stoppage of Heart Beat The Soul exists in every cell of the Human Body and is not localised in any organ or part MVGFCA