A Case for Lifting Ban on Narcotics

Several countries have started lifting the ban on Narcotics due to medical advantages of those substances and also the ultimate cost of enforcement of the ban on a continuous basis It is better to lift the ban totally than unduly waste the time of Law enforcing authorities Tighter revenue measures may be enforced so as to shore up the States revenues MVGFCA

To Beat Corona Be a Celibate

Corona virus spares children for they have not started their sexual habits If you want to survive Corona around you be a celibate till the worst is over Same with gals Stop your urges for sometime Celibacy in both M/F increases your immunity It is not a myth Try it you will see Corona survivors increasing and less pressure on the Public Health System Try the trick More and more will escape CoronaMVGFCA


A Quick Cure for Corona

Dear All Let all Hospitals Schools Colleges Churches Mosques Synogogues Gurudwara and All Commercial and non commercial Establishments Govt Offices and Homes Play the Mantra Om Nama Sivaya nonstop hereafter to contain the Novel Corona COVID Virus Start to play immediately MVGFCA

Third Eye Awareness

Why is this awareness necessary? To get your intuition working To be largely successful To knock at the gate way of Heaven while living Finally to f—-k with out spilling your beans Got it? The technique is very simple Keep your eyes half closed in sitting posture Imagine a point in front of your mid forehead outside and let your attention flow from the mid forehead to the point outside You will feel the pressure in the fore head Then it is done Your third eye is activated Keep doing this for atleast 20 Minutes everyday Then you are a changed person You will awaken your hidden talents and intuition Start right away MVGFCA

Taxing Cash Transactions

1 Allow cash loans but tax it in the hands of the borrower assessee at40% No penalty and prosecution 2 Tax cash loan repayments at 15% Again no penalty and prosecution 3 Tax Cash sales at 3% more than normal GST 4 Allow only 50% ITC on cash Purchases5 As regards Income tax disallow 20% Cash Purchases if ITC is paid by buyer only Otherwise disallow 50% of all cash purchases 6 As regards cash expenses disallow 35% of all cash expenses with or without supporting bills These steps will encourage genuine cash flow into business at the same time check fraudulent entries After all TAX gets paid Make Tax audits mandatory for all assesses with TO of 1cr or


having TO of more than 1 crore The Tax auditor will no doubt supplement the IT Dept work MVGFCA

The Near Perfect Alternative

Instead of totally trying to eliminate cash transactions allow them without penalising criminalising but tax them at a reasonably higher rate It is suicidal to abolish cash in India because of its strong agri orientation Cash is blood in circulation for the Indian Economy Other risks like fake currencies circulation should be monitored critically by the Authorities but legitimate transactions should be allowed Jobs should be generated for the youth and unless the Economy grows it just cannot be done Therefore the importance of cash cannot be over emphasised for that still remains a key factor among many others MVGFCA