Enjoy the Excercise

Walk at your convenient pace may be a trite slow but you can walk for longer time You will not be counting the rounds or the steps you take Just walk relaxingly not huffing and puffing but you will be high in your mood That is the aim of excercise and not the Miles or kilometres you walked How do you feel after the excercise? Tired and exhausted? Then you start binging on the calorie rich food stuff It defeats the very purpose of your excercise The result of the excercise should be mood elevating and not exhaustion So next time you excercise try to enjoy it without being target based Try this method out You will end up being happier MVGFCA

Don’t Push Yourself at all

Pushing Yourself is the root cause of all diseases Just do it with out the tension If you push it will push you back Just do everything in a flow Take it easy in your mind Mental tension and anxiety is the main reason for High Blood pressure Take everything with a smile Otherwise it is just not worth it MVGFCA

Your thoughts take your Breaths away

Conscious Breathing with open eyes and awareness at the nostrils for 30 mins daily will energise your body You will also notice that when your thoughts intervene the breathing stops Bring back breathing By repeated practice of conscious nasal breathing you will burn away your excess calories and reverse many illnesses Also you will achieve the power of Regression like knowledge of previous birth the true purpose of your life etc Please try this for better understanding MVGFCA

Diabetic Diet Regimen

If you follow this diet regimen you will have better control over your diabetes 1 On empty stomach Have some Gud ( natural jaggery) followed by a glass of warm water 2 At 8 AM have allowed fruits like papayas guava and apple qs3 Have some poha idlies or 1 Dosa meaning limited rice item Also have coffee or tea without sugar 4 12.30-1.30 PM Have lunch with native varieties of rice Vegetables and curds Don’t over eat 5 6.30-7.00 PM have salads or a little rice preparation like a dosa with a glass of diluted warm milk without sugar Avoid sugar and starchy rice totally Take a slow walk after dinner for about 30 mins Watch you Sugar levels fall MVGFCA

Sleep at room temperature

Even if your bedroom is airconditioned try to sleep at room temperature The ventilation given by the AC has a disturbing effect on your falling asleep With slightly warm temperature you will naturally fall asleep easily Make a diary note on the days of your sleep pattern you will notice that with slightly warm temperature you will asleep easily Try this out You will sleep The problem is not with your body but with the room temperature MVGFCA