Chandra Nadu Pranayams for B P Control

If you have a condition of High Blood Pressure then the simplest way to control it besides regulating Salt is the Chandra Nadi Pranayams For this sir in a chair or on the floor in crosses legged position back bone erect and eyes gently closed Close your right nostril with your right thumb and exhale through the left nostril Then slowly inhale through the left nostril Don’t hold the breath Continue exhalation and inhalation through the left nostril only keeping always the right nostril closed Do this everyday continuously for 15-20 Minutes You will find your BP falling and getting good sleep The Left nostril is the end of the Chandra Nadi Activating Chandra Nadi regulates Heart Beat and lowers B P MVGFCA

Our Unconscious Mistake

While going to Sleep or meditating we unconsciously apply pressure on our eyelids That is the root cause of hypertension Learn to gently close our eyes without pressure You will find a lot of difference even in your life style You will learn to be less serious and less fastidious That is the basis for deep relaxation Try it out and relax Folks and stop worrying MVGFCA

Be a Witness to your Own Mind

Just be a silent witness to your mind Observe the mental waves that arise and fall Finally it will be come like a limpid pool Just observe and watch you BP and Sugar Levels reach healthy levels This is the only way to de stress without medication and a very effective one Mental pressure is the root cause of all life style diseases

Try this out Result guareanteed MVGFCA