What. IF

This is a question to be answered in the Future

What if the New Avatar comes and withdraws the Fire Power Of all Ammunition Missiles and Bombs and they land as damp squib

That day is not far off

Gross misuse of arms Human Rights Violations and the whole lot of injustice meted out between Mankind will compel God to change the Entire Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table We will have newer diseases for which we have no cures

Our systems have become corrupt that will certainly make God intervene It cannot go on endlessly

Blessed are the Peace Makers

For they shall be called Children Of GOD

So long


This blog published originally 6 months ago


The Desperate Bid

Of course You know

That Soorpanakha

Ravanas Sister was spurned by

Lord Rama and she had unrequited Love

She left west wards into the Deserts of Arabia

The Heat of her Love for Rama

Stopped rains in the region and made

Oasis of once flourishing vegetation

Her tribes with their names ending with Khan

Rhyming with her name soorpanAKHA

Are no doubt a distraught lot

Vengefulness is their having the stamp of Dissent

And violence wherever they dwell

This indeed is her story

Almost heretic to say the least

Nothing else remains

Waiting for the Lords Grace

To fall on the Desert Lands

To make them fertile once again


The Arrival

Oh My Love

I await your arrival

I am lonely and I see

Your smile in the soothing light

Of today’s full moon

I hear the sound of your anklets

In the hustling breeze among the leaves of the Garden

I feel the touch of your scarf

In the gentle wind that touches my


Oh My love Why this delay

Come to me as I wait for you

In this mid night

When the whole world sleeps

I wait for the dawn of your Love

That has smitten me and will

Be there for ages to come


The Final Exit

Yeah Time is the Greatest Consumer

It consumed Everything and leaves

Nothing This is the Only Truth

The all consuming Fire

Of Knowledge is burning eveywhere

Only when you are ready

You fit in there

From toe to head

The fire burns through you

You are the wood and He the fire

Have your last drink and f—ck

And enter the fire

He is the only Male

All creation is Female

The Spirit screws us all as if

There is no tomorrow

Be the willing wood

To be burnt by the Fire of the spirit

And You shall make the Grand Exit

Into Permanence from where

There is no return


How not to be a Schizophrenic

It essentially means a dual or split personality How not to get branded

1Don’t be reactive Accept the given situation

2 You may be right but the World thinks otherwise Therefore be humble and give up your stubbornness

3 Find reasonable solution to your personal issues Please maintain a reasonable secrecy of your intimate relationships

4 Come out of your depressive mood and delusions It is still not the end of the World If one relationship is broken another can blossom So use your thinking hat Forget about the Past

5 Get control of your sleep If you can sleep well without medicines then that’s it You have become Normal

6 There are instances of meditators ending up in asylums You have to learn to forgive and be grateful to GOD The Act of Forgiveness itself will soothes frayed nerves

7 Understand that Death is a natural process If you have lost a dear one don’t think you are the only one to lose There were many before you and many will be victims of such calamity in future Understand that Death is beyond Human control Therefore instead of grieving think about future plans Supportive people are always around and it is not the end of life for you

8 Lastly have abundant optimism Stop comparing yourself with others Eat Excercise and sleep well

Then you will always be considered Normal Everyone has eccentricity in one way or other but they exhibit it within limits React within limits 9 Practice meditation that relaxes your mind Then you will be great

So long


Evaluating Religions

There is no need to pursue life after Death for that is not verifiable Heaven Hell Paradise or Moksha are meaningless if one has to undergo hell in this world Therefore all our efforts should be directed to make life healthy liveable and safe for all Humans living in this Planet Does your Religion provide that?

Religious discrimination should end thereby treating all Humans as equal We are all created by the same life Force which we all call GOD

This is the Heaven which GOD has promised nothing outside this world

We ourselves can make Heaven or .Hell in this World right here and right now and don’t praise or blame GOD for it We did not create this world It was there before us and will be there also after us Therefore we have GOD the CREATOR

Therefore only thing we should do is to strive for a Hunger free Healthy and Satisfying life for all Humans irrespective of their Nationality Tribe Creed or Colour or Race No Religion is Superior to another All are equal but all are dead wood without the element of Devotion Truthfulness and Love

So long