If you think you are Smart

Then GOD is smarter If you think you got HIM fixed then HE will fix you His armoury is great If He sends a small vibration and HE forgets then HE cannot undo it for Nature Would have redesigned to execute it But alas HE listens to our prayers and Blesses Us but HE has to forget that blessing Then you will get what you want If HE remembers then no prayer will get fulfilled For that HE has to continuously Bless the world so that HE doesn’t remember what and whom HE blessed Nature is at HIS Command if HE becomes busy otherwise Then Surprisingly all HIS Blessings will fructify MVGFCA

The Loss Maker GOD?

Is it the days of the Loss maker GOD? The one who makes people cry Over the loss of their dear ones The loss of Celebrity lives The Loss of Jobs The Loss of Trillions of Dollars for world Economies Why Did He do that? He did perhaps with a vengeance over the injustices meted out to HIM His enemies have bitten dust but his phenomenal anger once lashed out HE has lost control The fire will rage on and on till it exhausts itself He is the un caused cause but HIS wrath will chase you like an Infra red missile wherever you go MVGFCA

The Worst Mistake

The Worst Mistake according to me done by the Medical Profession is to plug the nasal cavities and mouth by cotton of a recently declared Dead Person By closing the nostrils you are preventing the re entry of the breath Should the Spirit decide to enter seeing the grieving family you are blocking it Twelve hours is the maximum time for the spirit to re enter After that it will drift away from the body Therefore please allow the breath to re enter and close the nostrils and the mouth only after 12 hours By closing the nostrils before that you are actually killing the chances of re entry even after Death MVGFCA

GOD and The KEY to HIM

After 11 days of Constant knocking on the Devotee GOD gives him the KEY The Key to the past present and future The Devotee is Rid of all his diseases and will be in a position to guide Humanity to its Destiny The Devotee is not GOD but only HIS Agent He should pass on all credits to GOD HIMSELF If he assumes that He is the Principal then he is doomed For the Intelligent GOD will disown him totally In GOD WE TRUST MVGFCA

The Meaning of Truth

Truth means the changeless It was the Yesterday it is same today and will be same tomorrow By this definition the Universe itself is not true The changing mind is not true and the whole Humanity is not true and what is True is the underlying and constant awareness of Consciousness The witness of our mind The Universal Witness which is the same Everywhere If you are able grasp this idea then you are a liberated Soul MVGFCA

Allow Cash

India is different from the USA or any other economy By making cash transactions illegal the Govt has stifled demand jobs and growth Let us realise this Allow cash but tax it at a higher rate People will still do business By making cash illegal we have killed the Golden Goose We should tackle the fake currency menace by greater vigilance and enforcement and not by banning cash It is never late for rectifying the wrong policies MVGFCA

Meditate outside of the Body

Although the chakras are situated along the spine meditation should be carried out on the imagined person seated facing the meditator On the chakras of that imaginary person and not directly on the meditators Body This will reduce the surplus impact of energised chakras calming the meditators mind and enabling to sit for long hours This will have the effect of transformer effect where the incoming energy is cycled downwards just like an electric transformer MVGFCA

Ways to Offset Brain Drain

Of course all developing nations lose out to the Developed Economies due to Brain Drain Here are a few ideas to tackle the problem 1 Give sufficient Opportunities to the achievers to stay in the mother country and let the selection be based on Merit 2 Make available facilities for advanced Research 3 Make remuneration attractive so that there would be reverse Brain drain 4 Let political interference be totally eliminated in the country in all walks of life 5 Let there be always freedom of thought speech and expression 6 Last but not the least policies should be adopted to create more and more employment 7 Make automation selective so that jobs don’t get eliminated Try out all these ideas and more and there would be no more brain drain MVGFCA

What would Jesus say if HE comes Finally

1 All Mankind is created equally 2 There are no differences between various races in Mankind 3 Biases and prejudices are the worst enemies to attainment Of Peace 4 Enjoy Peace That indeed is your Birthright 5 So is freedom from Hunger Thirst and disease5 GOD The Father expects only Love and Compassion between Humans 6 Share all resources of this World equitably 7 Mankind should always emjoy but never be ungrateful 8 Ingratitude is the worst sin 9 Sex and sensibility should go together10 Never ever forget your duties towards your parents MVGFCA