Make Yourself Deathless

By Devotion to Narayana You can make your body Deathless Chant your mantra silently while exhaling Narayana will make you hear HIS divine flute which is ever playing in all spheres of the Cosmos On hearing the flute you will manifest yourself as Kapaliswara or any of your Favourite GOD You will have a thousand and more bodies You can even with out raising your little finger bless the childless couple with divine children even in the far of USA while you are in India The Ganas will be waiting to manifest often pleading with you to finish the Cosmic Creation but Kapaliswara does not want that He wants to give every Soul chances so that they will come to Kailas to witness his Tandav These are not part of some fiction but reality hidden behind day to day life Fear not Kapaliswara is very much here to stay He is immensely satisfied even if you offer water He is Bholanath but With Meenakshi waiting for the right time the Divine drama of marriage of Meenakshi Kalyanam will be soon be happening Spiritual History will repeat itself Somewhere in another Universe the Divine Drama is just unfolding Love your Body for that is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu Chant your mantras silently to have best results Sarvam Krishnaarpanamasthu Om MVGFCA


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