The Climax

Yeah I mean the super climax The State from which you feel extremely reluctant to withdraw It is the awakening of the Spiritual Heart One and half finger lengths from the Chest bone between the 2 breasts lies the Spiritual Heart Just concentrate on the lamp already burning in it As you meditate on the SH it will draw you inside and give you abiding peace As if you have just got up from the deepest slumber You will reluctant to get out of it It is so self absorbing that you will always want to slip into it It was revealed to the World by Bhagwan Ramana and thousands have benefitted by the the discovery of the SH Of course HE didn’t mention it as a Lamp The allegory of the Lamp was made hundreds of years ago by another Saint Thunchath Ezhuthacchan of Kerala in His poetic treatise Hari Nama Keerthanam It is no doubt the best It is available in YouTube sung by Late P Leela Awaken Your SH and enjoy Peace within MVGFCA

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