Detox your Body the easiest way

Our bodies are toxified through air water air and also through medicines we take and we have no mechanism to detoxify it so far Yes Now we have it You practice the Sudhi Mudra twice daily and you can easily remove all toxins from the body How does it work? You have to do it on empty stomach as soon as you get up in the morning and then once again in the evening once your stomach is empty You must take lot of water after practising the Sudhi Mudra How to do it Sit straight on the floor with legs folded in Sukhasan or sit in a chair in comfortable position back erect and the feet grounded firmly Watch your breathing for a minute or so Then open up your both the hands all your fingers straight and fold you thumb so as to touch the bottom line of your Ring Finger Apply pressure This is the only Mudra where pressure has to be applied Hold the Mudra in both hands simultaneously for about 20 minutes Take a lot of water As soon as you finish the Mudra you will find yourself rushing to the rest room Practice Sudhi Mudra twice daily You will start automatically losing weight detoxing your body and finally becoming healthier slowly you will get deaddicted from all unwanted habits and coming to lead a great Life Try it out folks but you have to devote each time 20 minutes Pregnant Women and children below 12 years are forbidden to do this Mudra Good Luck MVGFCA


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