How not to be a Schizophrenic

It essentially means a dual or split personality How not to get branded

1Don’t be reactive Accept the given situation

2 You may be right but the World thinks otherwise Therefore be humble and give up your stubbornness

3 Find reasonable solution to your personal issues Please maintain a reasonable secrecy of your intimate relationships

4 Come out of your depressive mood and delusions It is still not the end of the World If one relationship is broken another can blossom So use your thinking hat Forget about the Past

5 Get control of your sleep If you can sleep well without medicines then that’s it You have become Normal

6 There are instances of meditators ending up in asylums You have to learn to forgive and be grateful to GOD The Act of Forgiveness itself will soothes frayed nerves

7 Understand that Death is a natural process If you have lost a dear one don’t think you are the only one to lose There were many before you and many will be victims of such calamity in future Understand that Death is beyond Human control Therefore instead of grieving think about future plans Supportive people are always around and it is not the end of life for you

8 Lastly have abundant optimism Stop comparing yourself with others Eat Excercise and sleep well

Then you will always be considered Normal Everyone has eccentricity in one way or other but they exhibit it within limits React within limits 9 Practice meditation that relaxes your mind Then you will be great

So long


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