The Mandatory Lockdown

It is recommended that a Mandatory Lockdown for one month from March1 to March 31 be followed worldwide as a matter of Prudent Practice to Sustain the Environment The Human Race and the Planet All countries should follow the Lockdown in consonance with each other The benefits are many MVGFCA


How to reduce your BP to beat Corona?

It is too simple In life most truest things are damn simple Suffering from High BP? Do this for 12 min twice daily to become normalised The Trick Lie on bed face upwards Arms and legs relaxed Take a deep breath and as you inhale let your belly fill up like a balloon fill it up maximum and then start exhaling slowly Let your belly deflate slowly Don’t pull it too much inside Do this belly breathing for 12 min in the morning and for the same time in the evening Watch your BP plummet Thanks MVGFCA


Use of Water for Personal Hygiene

It is high time that we as a civilisation reconsidered using tissue paper for toiletries Instead we should use water and water only In cold countries we can start using mixers for the right temperatures Please use water and soap to clean all body parts every-time Avoid using tissue paper and please avoid infections in all respects No body would have told you this obvious fact Let us all survive MVGFCA

Listen to the Voice of your Soul

Your Soul will talk only if you ask questions to it The spiritual Heart where it resides is on the right side about 1,5 finger length from the sternum between the two breasts Once activated by constant attention on the spot it is a panacea for all problems In the West it is known as the Christ Centre Activate it Achieve Peace and Enlightenment MVGFCA

Boost immunity by

1 Please consume 4-6 Almonds daily2 Sleep by turning on your right side3 Inhale steam from boiling water every hour4 Drink water only when you are thirsty 5 Eat food only when you feel hungry Follow these steps and infections will run away from you MVGFCA

The Only way to Live

Assuming you are a COVID patient about to die and on your Death Bed or already Dead medically worry not You can still live How? Your GOD whom you pray to daily will ask you are you ready to die? And also what do you want? You should say I want the same parents same wife same brothers and sisters same body with all its strengths and weaknesses same friends same enemies same qualifications just as before Tell Him repeatedly you want the same body If this is your answer then with in 8 hours you will be alive cloned in an identical body No body can make out you are a clone Spread this message fast to all conscious cases to save lives Written by the living CLONE MVGFCA