A Fixed Quantum TAX

Going by the huge tax evasion and Tax Disputes prevailing in the Tax Area in India the method of Yearly Tax per Unit meaning Fixed Quantum Tax leaving space for savings can be considered as an encouraging Tax Policy Let us try it out Let discretion be the better part for valour


A Tithe Offering for Effectiveness

Dear All

It is often said that aTithe offering should be made for any prayer to be made effective Therefore it is requested that those of you requesting Special Vibratory Prayer Services May send their offerings of INR. 11/ only to the following Bank Account All taxes will be paid on such collections as initially it would be deemed as a taxable service In future exemption can be applied The details of the Bank account will be provided to the person benefitted at his/her request

For Public Good


Special Vibratory Prayers

Dear All

In case of any one of your relatives or friends are diagnosed with cancer whatever be the stage please contact me at+919381020638 for special vibratory prayers over phone It is desirable to let the patient speak to me The results will be positive as it is in the form of a Yogic Vibratory Prayer It is totally free and without any conditions You may call between 7-8.30 AM and 6.30-8.30PM on all days Good Luck to All MVGFCA

The Choice has always Been Yours

To listen to others or not and then decide the choice was yours

Don’t blame others for the outcome for it was your choice

To marry or not was it not your choice?

To study or loaf around was it not your choice?

To excercise or idle away your time it was always your choice

To quit the job or not it has been always your choice

To handle your Boss or get fired it was your choice

In Life unwittingly we always excercise our choice and blame the fall out on others

Own up your responsibity like a Man for you are of your own making

Never tegret

Just own up and correct yourself

Only that way you will reach

The Top


Every One is Unique

On Spirituality Every one is a unique individual One has to find out for himself how his/her chakras function For God’s Creation are not machine products to confirm to manufacturing standards One has to have GK of the chakras and how they function within himself and not superimpose the generality functions There fore take your time and find out for yourself how naturally things work for you

Never impose ideas on the Spirit

It will kick back

Be careful

So long