The irrelevance of Karma

When we die we are finished with this world It matters little whether or not takes another body For that person is a totally different entity and he or she or it goes through life It is totally unconnected with the dead person The Soul if at all if it exists has no physical existence Therefore to ascribe the bad or good traits in the present body to past deeds in earlier lives smacks of illogical thinking Only the present is real What we do in the present whether we make ourselves happy our family happy or others happy is entirely in our hands by making honest attempts That is all The result positive or negative is a product of the future It is not in our hands Manipulations and scheming always produces results to the scheming person and he or she enjoys the booty till they are found guilty Therefore do good to enjoy life don’t have the fear of Karma it has no relevance either in the present life or in the future for in the future we don’t exist after Death MVGFCA

Mdon’t exist after Death That’s All

How to invoke the Divine

Invoking the Divine means getting peace of mind and our prayers fulfilled There is one sure way That is meditating on the Brahma Nadi The backbone has the spine within Within the Spine there is Pingala Nadi on the Right side and Ida Nadi on the left with Susumna in the Middlr Now concentrate on Sushumna Within Sushumna there is Chitrini the abode of wisdom and within Chitrini we have the BrahmaNadi where the GOD Acts Pierce with your mind the Chitrini and concentrate on Brahma Nadi You will have excellent results Maintain the contact with Brahms Nadi at all chakras through the Back bone and not through the front You will be the Winner MVGFCA

How I reversed by Type2 Diabetes to day

To day is the turning point in my life I had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 45 Now I am 67 years and to day without any medication I managed my PP sugar at 145 It is simple I list my activity as follows 1 Totally avoid Dairy products 2 Have 4-5 teaspoons of Brown Jaggery followed by a glass of hot water on empty stomach Let’s say at 6 AM 3 At 7.30AM have a glass of hot water squeeze a lemon and add a teaspoon of Papayaleaf powder Add Salt to taste 4 At 8-30 AM have breakfast consisting of not so very sweet fruits and usual carb dishes5 At 10.30 test your sugar It was 166 for me without diabetic medicines At 12.30 PM have lunch rice veggies and butter milk Have less rice and more vegetables 6 Do a short walk for about 20 Minutes7 Test PP Sugar at 2.30 PM It was 145 for me 8 Finally have dinner at 6 PM consisting of lettuce salads and some brown bread rice etc Avoid butter ghee milk and all dairy products Last evening with medication my PP after dinner was very low at 116 To day I am sure that with the use of traditional rice varieties My Diabetic days are behind 9 Have Coffee/Tea only once a day At other times you can have butter milk/Lime juice without Sugar 10 Avoid refined sugars foods totally 11 You will never be a Diabetic The key is Jaggery and papaya leaf powder both part of our food items Say bye bye to Diabetes Be Lucky Good Luck MVGFCA

An Easy way to Control Blood Sugar

1 Have Early Dinner Let there be a gap of atleast 13-14 hours between your last dinner and next Breakfast 2 Take Papaya Leaf Tea daily before break fast 3 Eat fruits in the morning on empty stomach 4 Have lime juice instead of Tea/Coffee 5 Avoid milk and Dairy Products totally 6 Have VIT D Calcium and magnesium supplements as advised by your doctor7 Do breathing excercise for activating metabolism8 Do not stress while excercising MVGFCA